Managing vs Resources

Are you MANAGING your RESOURCES or are they Managing you? 

Sometimes we run short on resources and we get desperate and grab whatever is lying around... Careful! It might be the wrong tool for the job! 

Putting water in the gas tank won't work short-term, let alone with longevity 

So then if we are utilizing the incorrect resources, we are letting our RESOURCES or lack thereof control us- gotta find a specific non-contingent loop for that and manage it separately from other people to stay safe.. 

another issue is letting others control us by their MASSIVE amounts of extra resources when they bully us in categories we are weak and they're strong, eek! 

Another issue is when we manage ourselves with our STRONG areas of resources and REFUSE to grow in the weak areas, then we let our resources be in CONTROL 

Bottom line upshot: 

BE IN CHARGE, don't be ruled by excess, lack, or convenience. 

Sit back and RULE, no matter how long it takes. 

Step off the field and create a new game plan if you need more time, 

take a TIME OUT and pause the game, rest up, and begin again! 

With a fresh look at our SELF management, I'm confident we can triumph yet again 

Even if you seem stuck in a BAD SITUATION where your battery is perpetually low or abused in certain areas of your life...NEVER GIVE UP, just go undercover for awhile, groundhogs eventually see the sun again!