Be Entertained, Be very Entertained

We are all looking for entertainment or even escape from what is mundane! 

Maybe we are looking in the wrong places! 

Do you actually find yourself transported or incepted or entertained by these? 


-Endless Memes 

-Taking pictures to prove we are happy 

-Sex with no meaning or love 

-Hollow and pointless friendships 

Stop the MADNESS! 

you are not actually entertained at all by those! 

In fact, the list above is HINDERING your entertainment... 

Sniffing a whiff of REAL ACTUAL TRUTH will shock your socks off if you've been living in a CAVE like the above activities will promote (and a dungeon of brain-dead zombie-ism 

How boring for you! (and me!), I'm sorry! 

So yeah, open your curtains and let the SUN in, step outside and smell the Fresh Air. 

Be a HUMAN not a robot! 

You EXIST (that is all) 

So that is enough, BEING-- 

Once you finally say HELLO to your long-lost SELF, 

maybe you will realize you are WAY behind on knowing yourself, and that it requires literally ALL THE TIME IN THE 


so stop wasting your PRECIOUS time with BS activities like endless netflix and memes and false relationships and fake family traditions, and cookie-cutter spirituality, and endless "supposed to" social gatherings with people you don't like! 


start there! 

make yourself someone YOU DO LIKE! 

then you'll have something to share with literally every person you meet!