Deep thinking is REQUIRED, not optional (to have a fulfilling life and be free) 

Topics which are societally appropriate and readily discussed never seem to touch on the deeper issues in life, 

and the DEEPER issues are the ones causing all the JOY and SORROW 

so basically we are programmed to not ever discuss what lies (or lies are told) beneath 

BENEATH is a CRUCIAL place...the sooner you find out what is WITHIN, the sooner you can address how yourself works and whether it is going in the direction you want. 

In the depths is where we really exist, and where we our motivations come from.. 

So don't fear the dark and the depths, getting to know yourself can be BEAUTIFUL. 

Don't pre-decide what you might find... 

If you practice deep thinking, eventually it becomes a sister thought channel which goes on all the time, and makes life much more understandable and enriching, and efficient. 

If in every interaction, you quickly understand: 

1. your perspective 

2. why things happened 

3. what it means 

Then you'd have less worry and work to do outside each interaction, and less chance that your mind and body will turn against you in the OFF time 

The MIND is a POWERFUL thing, and you DO NOT want it turning on you. 

Training your mind to be unafraid, have endurance, and COMPLETELY AWARE of all that is within, will create a safe place and a fulfilling place for you to accept all perspectives, courses of actions and what they mean moving forward. 

With NO ALARMS AND NO SURPRISES, you'd have a much more pleasant journey, albeit not a SHALLOW one. 

This way you can truly LIVE in the moment, and be a WHOLE person. 

Getting your SELVES lined up in the moment takes some doing,