Eagle's Wings

If you are planning to mount up with wings as an eagle, maybe you need to test the wings, by base jumping (psychologically).. 

If you/we believe in a higher power, we should try to map out that power and see what is available to us...asking the right questions and tracking the answers.. 

It would be insane to rely on a power that doesn't really exist, but it would also be insane not to rely on a POWER that does exist. 

So then it is tricky process climbing up the mountain to the place where you are ready to take a leap. No blind leaps, only calculated ones, please! This means you know what will happen either way and you've made your peace with it.. By knowing both sides, you have nothing to lose, but you have SOMETHING to gain. If you find the POWER can't help you, then you can keep doing your regular life, but if the POWER can help you even a little, wouldn't that be better? and over time we can test and then ultimately trust the reliability of actions / consequences / knowledge / intuition / God / yourself, or whatever you believe in. Mapping out the contingencies of faith and what it means is the KEY, to have a plan and not be flailing in the breeze... Flying should be effortless if the wind currents are in place.