Hostage Sitiation

Hostage Sitiation 

(teheee, mispelled for emPHAsis, Dad Jokes Galore) 


all these types of ridiculous cyclical circular tasks are REQUIRED for survivial (I wish it was CONVIVIAL!) tehee, mispelled for silly-goose-ness 

So how to rise above the constant strain of BS? 

well get the brain in gear, matey! 

You can train yourself to automatically do these silly-tasks, while using your HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION the entire time to think about REAL stuff that doesn't BORE TO TEARS 

I ENJOY my work constantly because I can't remember having done it...I'm like, WAIT, who did dat! baha 

so enthralled/engaged (not engorged) am I, that I lose myself in many a mental mystery, down many rabbit-holes, through many wormholes, beyond many black-holes and POOF my tasks are done (all mary-poppins-like).. 

Make your Mental Life so scintillating that you can barely notice the BORE (BOOR BOAR) 

DON'T, I repeat DON'T! be held hostage by your OWN LIMITS, Break free indeed~