Just passing through 

I'm just a-passing thru, this world is not my home (and I'm also in the LEFT LANE- watch out I move quickly ha!) 

So if your values were elsewhere and you were piling up treasures which can't be stolen (Duh, in your HEART--the one which holds your identity, integrity, inner beauty, the list goes ON AND ON!) --near far wherever you are the Heart will go on hehe 

So move, B, get out the way, if you want to sit in the passing lane.. 

I'm good at speed and I'm thorough as well, it's just a question of whose game you're playing and which perspective you're viewing from.. 

Keeping the earthlings happy works fine for monetary stuff, and is needed for survival, but that crap is BORING- find something else to occupy your time and your beautiful heart, don't let it corrupt and rot and rust. 

Invest your beautiful self into something that will last forever, and continue being beautiful through the ages.. 

If you had a BIRD'S EYE VIEW of your life, would you be more FREE? then you'd see which things didn't end up mattering anyway, and how you've wasted your time on menial BS. Don't let your time be wasted! Do what is treasured and precious to you NOW before it is too late (yes, yes, keep up your regular day job and responsibilities, but with a LIGHT HEART).. 

You are just passing through, don't let the ARROWS stick on you, release your claim to be BOTHERED and just move right along. 

Then you SAVE UP TIME and use it for something GREATER. What a wonderful world you can create for yourself, if you ONLY ANSWER TO YOU and LIVE YOUR TRUTH. 

A view from above makes life's obstacles seem petty and ridiculous in the face of the beauty and courage you can BE when you let go of everything else. 

Here's looking at you, and your beautiful self! Passing through and moving on up