Too Difficult (or too easy)

When you think your life is too difficult, maybe you have it backwards! 

Instead, remember how CAPABLE you are! 

Maybe you are actually bored, and need more FUN and creativity in your life, as well as more safe and appreciated Self-Expression. 

Don't underestimate, devalue, negate, truncate, bypass your REAL SELF. 

Instead, let your LIGHT shine! 

The menial and tedious tasks of life shan't get in the way of you and your shiny self! 

Instead, quickly do your tasks, stop beating yourself up, and find something AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL to invest in regarding your IDENTITY and your SERVICE to others. 

The sky is the limit, and the more carefully you use your TIME, the more you'll have. 

It snowballs to feel like you're less bored and more fulfilled, too, because you're finally able to accomplish your ideas NOW instead of the perpetually never arriving SOMEDAY. 

As long as you believe the world to be MAGICAL, it WILL BE (because of YOU)...we create our reality and our trajectory... 

Release your focus from menial chores and grunt work... 

Stay responsible while looking towards something GREATER... 

Maintenance tasks are not an END but a means, what is your bigger GOAL? 

Never lose sight of that, and celebrate every progress step no matter how small! 

It's never too late for you, cracks are how the LIGHT gets in! 

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