Toss your cookies (not like that)

 So computers store informtion from your last search (COOKIES if you will..I won't!) 

Although computers were fashioned after human minds, human minds keep trying to learn from computers....instead we need to remember that AUTONOMY is the difference. 

DECIDE which path your mind takes at every little tiny juncture. 

This way you will be sure to not be controlled by your Brain. 

Yo Brain, I'm in charge, B! Assert your Alpha-dominance over your own brain, and make that brain behave! This takes MUCH more practice than we think, because we often are already presently within a launch into a feeling/frame/TUDE/slant/spiral/trigger, etc. 

Finding the thought behind the thought is KEY- 

Back to the main point..we often SAVE and HOLD patterns of data and behavior from PRIOR days for security reasons, and for many other reasons we tell ourselves....Ironically, holding past patterns can not only be INACCURATE, but FALSELY POSITIVE sense of SECURITY, over time eroding reality and even creating DENIAL or at least plausible deniability. 

So then instead of holding onto every little bit of data, and each of your robotic protocols blindly and numbly going in circles, 


-survey your daily actions/fallout/patterns/attitudes 

-decide what was good and worthy of future use 

-create a BASIC structural outline and save in Longterm memory w Repetition 


-create space to GROW 

You can't find out who YOU are everyday without leaving space for YOU. 

We get AFRAID OF SPACE, but you can't even uncover your OWN SELF without space. 

So don't be afraid of the dark, and turn on a light instead. Give yourself time and space to uncover those darker corners and invite the old skeletons out of the closet, so you can make peace with yourself and PLANT something new. 

It is exciting to see what new options flood your brain and which new directions your plant can grow towards the sun. 

Be free from all cookies, and Fake cookies, I say! 

See what future awaits you, just beyond the cookies