Save Yourself...


Well if you are running out of memory like I always am, 

you may need a place to stow yourself (like Gmail drafts, or Dropbox, or social media, or friends/ family/ etc... 

But hopefully it will be a place…

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Eagle's Wings

If you are planning to mount up with wings as an eagle, maybe you need to test the wings, by base jumping (psychologically).. 

If you/we believe in a higher power, we should try to map out that power and see…

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the Light Within

What's in YOUR heart? 

Fear kills but LOVE empowers... 

Having LOVE (from a Pure source which is unconditional...God or Dog), sometimes Mom? 

Having LOVE is a RADICAL advantage, Love boosts us to fly above the coyotes which would snap at…

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Are you feeling faded and see-thru? 

Don't be afraid of the shadow of a doubt (even if YOU are the shadow or the doubt) 

Fear can only get you if you ALLOW it 

Deciding NOT TO FEAR is a forever…

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Your Sphere

in your sphere of influence, there are: 

Unbroken Lines and Dots along them 

We must keep our DOTS in place so our lines don't SHIFT unknowingly... 

We can be ABSOLUTELY SOVEREIGN within our boundary lines of what we KNOW FOR…

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Leave it!

When you know something isn't right, LEAVE IT immediately.. 

You may not need to remove yourself physically from the situation... 

Instead, you could remove your Heart and have a NEW MIND. 

When going through the looking-glass to a NEW MIND…

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Deep thinking is REQUIRED, not optional (to have a fulfilling life and be free) 

Topics which are societally appropriate and readily discussed never seem to touch on the deeper issues in life, 

and the DEEPER issues are the ones causing…

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Be Entertained, Be very Entertained

We are all looking for entertainment or even escape from what is mundane! 

Maybe we are looking in the wrong places! 

Do you actually find yourself transported or incepted or entertained by these? 


-Endless Memes 

-Taking pictures to prove…

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Reposess your Repose

Has someone stolen the keys to your JOY by forcing their rules on you? 

re·pose1/rəˈpōz/📷Learn to pronouncenoun 

a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility 

Could you focus and accomplish more from a state of REST? 

yes, I think so! 


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what does YOUR human like?

We've each been given a human body to putt around in! 

Very strange, these flesh cars with 

their inner biology not easily visible, 

their mental functions too small to see, 

their emotional capacities not confirmed, 

and their Spiritual possibilities unknown.... 

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ANGELmode (Ascend)

Whatever you practice IS YOU. 

You are so valuable within, and whatever you practice with-OUT hones your INnards 

As we practice being VALUABLE inside and out, 

we LOSE and FORGET and LET GO the old and BECOME all things NEW 

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Managing vs Resources

Are you MANAGING your RESOURCES or are they Managing you? 

Sometimes we run short on resources and we get desperate and grab whatever is lying around... Careful! It might be the wrong tool for the job! 

Putting water in the…

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