The TellTale Heart

Daily inventory of puzzle pieces is key! 

Types of pieces: 

-coming soon 

-already have 

-within easy reach 

-bonus round

Putting the pieces together correctly really helps you not get choked out and clogged up (or die) 

That's why it is…

Bogart (not Humphrey)

bo·gart/ˈbōɡärt/📷Learn to pronounceverbINFORMAL•USgerund or present participle: bogarting 

selfishly appropriate or keep (something, especially a lit marijuana cigarette)."don't bogart that joint, my friend" 

Is someone stealing your resources? 

Or worse yet are you giving them away without even realizing.... 

Instead of…


Hostage Sitiation

Hostage Sitiation 

(teheee, mispelled for emPHAsis, Dad Jokes Galore) 


all these types of ridiculous cyclical circular tasks are REQUIRED for survivial (I wish it was CONVIVIAL!) tehee, mispelled for silly-goose-ness 

So how to rise above the…

Take this outside

Let's take this outside! 

Music is one of the few whole-brained activities, and you can immediately have some outside! The music of nature is a whole-brained activity, calming and occupying immediately, and opening the mind to creative and helpful insights. 

What's in a day

What’s in a day 

Is your DAY worth it to you? You can be SURE it is, and having a plan helps! 

Guarantee inclusion of some of your favorite activities, to help sugarcoat the daily growing pain, no gain…

yeah, be a Tough crowd

Don't easily part with your: 









As you carefully weigh each option, consider your future! Not to the exclusion of harmony with others, yes to the inclusion of peace with the Universe 


I am the Cray, get out the Way

Dude, where's your brain? Brain on, people! Teheeeeee 

We are afraid to turn on our MINDS because they are DANGEROUSSSSS 

Your mind can be the SCARIEST PLACE or the most PEACEFUL PLACE.. 

Many of us are afraid to even DISCOVER…

Too Difficult (or too easy)

When you think your life is too difficult, maybe you have it backwards! 

Instead, remember how CAPABLE you are! 

Maybe you are actually bored, and need more FUN and creativity in your life, as well as more safe and appreciated…

Moms (Super)

What is a Mom? she is EVERYTHING, but rarely seen and appreciated as such. 

Moms, know that your long hours invested and your watchful eye are not in vain, 

never give up on yourself and your service to others! 


Horse Race

Do you have a horse in the race!? 

Well you better be careful which track you are on, and that you don't have everything riding on it! 

So then maybe it is smarter to remove your horse from the race…


Toss your cookies (not like that)

 So computers store informtion from your last search (COOKIES if you will..I won't!) 

Although computers were fashioned after human minds, human minds keep trying to learn from computers....instead we need to remember that AUTONOMY is the difference. 

DECIDE which path…

Just passing through 

I'm just a-passing thru, this world is not my home (and I'm also in the LEFT LANE- watch out I move quickly ha!) 

So if your values were elsewhere and you were piling up treasures which can't be stolen (Duh…