Horse Race

Do you have a horse in the race!? 

Well you better be careful which track you are on, and that you don't have everything riding on it! 

So then maybe it is smarter to remove your horse from the race and hide your horse elsewhere! Then you can instead keep your horse peaceful and free from harm. The only way to win is to invest your worth into something which can't be taken away. People will let you down, and circumstances will fail you. Invest in YOU and your beliefs! 

So then let your less worthy horses run in the obvious races within the petty and ridiculous tracks of others. Instead, hide your TRUE horse elsewhere and don't even bet. 

You know you'll win when you take YOURSELF SERIOUSLY and don't let others get your Goat/Horse. Better yet, don't let anyone know where your GOAT IS TIED. Make sure whichever Goats they can find are NOT THE REAL ONES. 

Off to the RACES...