I am the Cray, get out the Way

Dude, where's your brain? Brain on, people! Teheeeeee 

We are afraid to turn on our MINDS because they are DANGEROUSSSSS 

Your mind can be the SCARIEST PLACE or the most PEACEFUL PLACE.. 

Many of us are afraid to even DISCOVER or be AWARE of what lies beneath.. 

We are in DENIAL / Brainwash/ Mindfuck 

The most powerful tool you own is YOU. So don't let your brain get away with Absentee Ballot. 

Be Present, BRAIN!!! 

Once you requisition your brain for ACTUAL USE, then you'll have to gain control. That's the reason people are afraid, they aren't good at training their PETS let alone their actual BRAINS. So let BRAIN AND HEART duke it out! At least something interesting or NEW might happen. The same old insanity will never produce a new result. MAYBE TRY THIS ONLY ON WEEKENDS OR A SAFE PLACE. 

Once you have some experience logging and journaling your brain/heart discrepancies, 

it's time for some RULES- haha, scratch that, time for some CONCEPTS! 

Rules spell death and punishment, concepts are malleable / flexible / LIVING 

How beautiful the JOURNEY of your brain and heart as they follow the yellow brick road, 

not remembering their disconnects from yesteryear, instead KNOWING the NOW. 

And watch out, the speed of thought is 156-270 miles per hour 

Speed of sound is 767 miles per hour, for reference framing... 

So your BRAIN is providing info MUCH FASTER than you are consciously able to think. SLOW DOWN Consarnit! Let you Break yourself....instead BRAKE yourself haha (a few ridiculous Dad-puns hear and there (haha HERE and there)...I won't start with grammatical puns THERE THEY'RE THEIR, sweetheart 

One way to AUDIT your own thoughts is to look BACKWARDS and start to finally see the patterns, if you pay attention....also purposing to THINK SLOWER in the moment helps, too. As we become more and more CONSCIOUS and in CONTROL of our THOUGHTS, then we make PRECEPTUAL as well as PERCEPTUAL sense...and hopefully translate to CENTS as well. 



This stuff is spicy and scary, but I want MORE! 

Why lurk in the annals of Netflix and imaginary reality, when you have your own BEAUTIFUL MIND. 

I am the CRAY, get out the WAY (I have a brain and I know how to use it)