Bogart (not Humphrey)

bo·gart/ˈbōɡärt/📷Learn to pronounceverbINFORMAL•USgerund or present participle: bogarting 

selfishly appropriate or keep (something, especially a lit marijuana cigarette)."don't bogart that joint, my friend" 

Is someone stealing your resources? 

Or worse yet are you giving them away without even realizing.... 

Instead of letting someone else bogart your Ante (stake), 

be very aware of what STAKE You have in the game, as well as who might be bogarting it. 

It would be best if you BOGART your OWN ANTE...then you are aware of risks to your stake in life as well. 

Planting seeds and projects in your own life which will grow over time helps you get ahead... 

Overnight your mind can make sense of all the quagmires and the "adjustment bureau" can do its work.. 

As you get more and more pure as a SELF, you'll know you can't give away your precious resources....investing in YOUR FUTURE is the ONLY WAY.. spending all the time bogarting that is WORTH IT