The TellTale Heart

Daily inventory of puzzle pieces is key! 

Types of pieces: 

-coming soon 

-already have 

-within easy reach 

-bonus round

Putting the pieces together correctly really helps you not get choked out and clogged up (or die) 

That's why it is so important to protect: 

-the Home 

-the Heart 

-the Motivations 

Keeping the engine running and working on yourSELF daily keeps you caught up with clearing out your playing board and having space to think and move around. 

Your priority is YOU...some may care about you but this really is a Hunger Game, 

survival of the fittest. 

Being fitter in every way helps you have resources to give to others without compromising yourself! Then you get even more new stuff YAAAAAAAAAAAY 

can't get new building blocks without clearing out the old ones.....