ANGELmode (Ascend)

Whatever you practice IS YOU. 

You are so valuable within, and whatever you practice with-OUT hones your INnards 

As we practice being VALUABLE inside and out, 

we LOSE and FORGET and LET GO the old and BECOME all things NEW 

When we are filled with so much NEWness and NOWness, we can't help but splash JOY all over the place! Spillage and Leakage are par for the course, what are you sloshing!? 

(basically what's in your WITHIN wallet) 

Ironically we may have more CONTROL by letting go, because we RECHARGE when we let JOY in 

To BE or To DO, THAT is the question! 

BEING supersedes DOING and is the wellspring from which all tasks flow 

Be the FOUNTAINHEAD not the fountain foot, 

the watershed not the soot 

a GEYSER not a geezer 

na-I'ma-stand (solidarity, no bowing pls), not namaste (I bow to the divine in you) 

I can nod to you, tho! Peace, Mutter~! (as you were, and as you wish)