what does YOUR human like?

We've each been given a human body to putt around in! 

Very strange, these flesh cars with 

their inner biology not easily visible, 

their mental functions too small to see, 

their emotional capacities not confirmed, 

and their Spiritual possibilities unknown.... 

Managing a human is a full time job, you're the only one managing YOU, 

if you have a flesh car, don't you at least need to know how you function? 


Accepting and rejecting your own SELF is a tricky business, that's for sure! 

Which things do we change and remove, which things do we accept and keep? 

As we all uncover our HUMAN and learn to accept and LOVE that self, 

we can see patterns and direction emerging... 

can we use that INERTIA to our greater good? 

or will our darkness pull us down into spirals again 

the first step is KNOWING 

you can't possibly operate at full capacity if you don't even KNOW your own dog-dang human! 

so that is the problem, we force ourselves into: 

"emporerer's new clothes fanatasies of denial, 

societal norms, 

gender roles, 


family roles, 


and Much More, 


ad nauseum 

To try to fit in, and not be MARGINALIZED or OSTRACIZED, or SHUNNED 

(the FEAR of the unknown keeps us from making all things KNOWN, 

even to ourselves) 

Ironically, we all probably feel the same way INSIDE, 

well at least those of us who are even AWARE of our own SELVES, 

(I would say "woke" but that is bespoke) 

So then can we be awakened to our own selves without DANGER? 

we fear waking up from our DENIAL DREAMS and FACADES, since it is MUCH more dangerous to be ALIVE than SEDATED 

We are LIONS managing our expectations with meager NETFLIX and fake food 


just plain Boring 

No more!~ 

please, and thank you! 

Changing the world is easy, BE THE CHANGE you want to see 

it only takes a spark to raise a village 

so after KNOWING your human, 

Editing, and tailoring for functionality and error, 

and then finally ACCEPTING (while continuing to tweak/adjust) 

Be IN LOVE, your FLESH CAR isn't that bad! 

You were given a body to ride in, so make the best of it! 

Be the ORIGINAL UNIQUE Self you are cut out to be, 

and don't shy away from what you really know 

Then the world will be MUCH MORE INTERESTING and FULFILLED, 

and directional, and CLARIFIED