Reposess your Repose

Has someone stolen the keys to your JOY by forcing their rules on you? 

re·pose1/rəˈpōz/📷Learn to pronouncenoun 

a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility 

Could you focus and accomplish more from a state of REST? 

yes, I think so! 

Maintaining REST is a full-time job, and requires you to police your borders, not allowing your BEST SELF to be FOULED. 

Whether YOUR best self or OTHERS' best selves are more accurately VALUABLE in regards to UNIVERSAL INTRINSIC values and MONETARY PROVABLE values is a different but related question. 

In the end, we can only VOTE for what WE BELIEVE, and our HUMAN EXISTENCE IS OUR VOTE. 

So VOTE WISELY and choose your DIRECTION 

(direction is inherently broad but binary within a hemisphere) 

You may need to AGGRESSIVELY protect your state of REST if there are predators afoot. 

Others may not realize how they compromise your REST. 

It's problematic that the root cause of negative human interaction is DIFFERING VALUES and WORLDVIEW... Literally all your actions and thoughts flow from your HEART, where you have decided your PHILOSOPHY (whether consciously or unconsciously) 

So Guard your Heart, since the rivers of your existence originate there 

Guarding your Heart is NOT CHEESY like a Romance Schmaltz, oi! 

instead, GUARD YOUR HEART , this is SPARTA! may the best HUMAN win 

It is URGENT that you guard your perimeter, especially if you've been compromised. 


Slowly but surely as you put PENNIES in your BANK, you'll outweigh the PAST 

POWER is in the hands of those who BELIEVE they have power, 

and doesn't have to be NEGATIVE 

Let the POWER of your LIGHT shine! all else disappears into the Shadows. 

Since you only have ONE YOU, VOTE FOR THAT TEAM! and kindly but powerfully go FWD