Your Sphere

in your sphere of influence, there are: 

Unbroken Lines and Dots along them 

We must keep our DOTS in place so our lines don't SHIFT unknowingly... 

We can be ABSOLUTELY SOVEREIGN within our boundary lines of what we KNOW FOR SURE IS GOOD for us and others.. 

As we police our boundary lines within relationships, it may sometimes be wise to make the lines more or less strict PERMANENTLY (not temporarily) 

any change should be seen as a NEW PERMANENT BEST PRACTICE SUSTAINABLY 

this way we can see what REALLY WORKS 

the POISONOUS one is when we make a temporary and unequal inconsistent exception for ONE person and not ALL people. Instead, make a new UNIVERSAL RULE 

Don't EVER break your rules (concepts) within your mind. Any alterations need to be adequately lawyered and justified to YOURSELF (the most important one you have) 

Without YOURSELF being intact, you cannot function. 

We can't JUST BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN allow others to be the ONLY important ones. 

YES others may need us and be going through difficult situations and be NEARLY fixed, 

but it is FAR too dangerous for us to change our own selves to accommodate these OTHERS. If we do, we will likely regret it SEVERELY, since others may NEVER change, or may not change the way we want, or may not support us in the SAME WAY ever. 

The RECIPROCAL relationship you have is with YOURSELF (and your Spirituality, if you have any), and the EARTH, and pets.... 

These are safe to invest your FOREVER-energy within, and will continually provide support. 

Even if you have a WONDERFUL MOM who is truly PERFECT like I do, 

putting too much of yourself into your Mom is also dangerous, since the person may be taken away from you in a way you didn't predict. A sad thought, but important to mention... 

Regret is prevalent when we lose ANY of our precious resources we've invested in FALSE DIRECTIONS... 

Just REIGN within your own SPHERE... 

Others may have the actual AUTHORITY...NO MATTER, you have AUTHORITY over you. 

Police your own sphere as a kind and benevolent TEACHER would, and keep your borders intact, (as boring as it may be to only conduct maintenance activities always), you can have fun on your own alone time... 

Once we create a TROLL BRIDGE (Ha, I mean a toll bridge), then other people will see it from afar and be aware of what they must pay to cross into our CASTLES...keep your drawbridge UP, and keep your castle beautiful. The power is in your hands